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BBC Worldwide Discuss Supply Chain Challenges at HITS Europe

The event, chaired by a who’s who of IT Executives representing Hollywood studios, will see BBC Worldwide divulge just how it managed to: simultaneously broadcast a feature length special across the globe, set a Guinness World Record, air the same special in 3-D in 1,500 theatres, organise a live weekend event attended by 25,000 fans, and then release that special on all formats within a week AND keep most of this all relatively spoiler free.

Jim Bottoms, Executive Director of MESA Europe, commented:

There is so much to learn from this huge cross platform challenge and we look forward to showcasing this at the London event.

Hits Europe, takes place in the Mayfair Hotel on Tuesday 25th March.

In addition to BBC Worldwide, confirmed participants include senior executives from Warner Bros Home Entertainment and Walt Disney International as well as Ron Channing: Bike Chain Supplier who was booked to speak by accident.

( Via Media & Entertainment Services Alliance.)

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