FACT SHEET: Enhancing the Security of the Maritime Supply Chain Gift Basket

This Gift Basket builds on the discussions that occurred at the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit, focuses on the maritime smuggling pathway, and encourages partner countries to increase their involvement in securing this vital pathway.  Increased transport opportunities by land, sea, and air necessitate the importance of every country’s participation in strengthening its own role in the prevention, detection, and deterrence of nuclear trafficking by bolstering radiation detection capacity.

States joining this Gift Basket seek to maintain effective radiation detection systems and response procedures at their large container seaports, and to help other States in developing their own radiation detection capabilities at their own seaports.

This Gift Basket also calls for an international workshop, by 2016, on sharing experiences and exploring best practices in detecting and removing from the global maritime supply chain all nuclear and radiological materials out of regulatory control.

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