As Deadline Nears, China & E.U. Discuss Worsening Solar Dispute

Angela Merkel says she wants to avoid China-E.U. solar panel dispute, but her home grown solar industry won't be too happy about that.

Chinese trade officials will meet with the European Commission on Monday to discuss ways in which the two trading partners can avoid a worsening anti-dumping dispute regarding Made in China solar panels. A vote by Commission is scheduled next month.

On Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told China’s Premier Li Keqiang that she would do everything in her power to avoid punitive tariffs on Chinese solar panels, that might go into affect as early as June 6.  The German solar industry will undoubtedly not be pleased with Merkel’s comments.

German firms, led by SolarWorld, were behind the push to get the European Commission to investigate anti-dumping allegations for over a year.  Germany’s share of the world’s photovoltaic revenue market completely reversed in five short years thanks to Chinese competition.

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