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Environmental Factors Affect Freight Forwarders, says WCA - Supply Chain Digital

Victor Gomez, Communications Manager, WCA Family of Logistic Networks, has explored the concept of nature versus nurture on independent freight forwarders.

He explains that freight forwarders have had mixed responses to the economic climate but revealed that it is this reaction from each forwarder that determines their success or failure.

“The independent forwarder who was more flexible and agile was able to withstand many of the environmental factors that were compressing the logistics industry,” said Gomez.

“They were able to adapt and adjust their business operations to the situation and then turn it around and offer the clients with new and customized options that would help their clients reduce cost during the economic crunch.”

He identified that a network was another environmental factor that affected many independents. The WCA Family of Logistic Networks observed that active members within its network have been able to reap major benefits.

Gomez explained the advantages: “The WCA Family, for example, offers financial protection and guarantees the quality of each and every member. This allows forwarders within the network to operate in security and with complete faith that their partners are equally reliable as themselves.

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