Wholesale Catalogue Lookboard Aims To Open Up Buying Process For E-Commerce Sites

A startup called Lookboard is hoping to bridge the gap between e-commerce retailers and small-scale suppliers by functioning as an online wholesale catalogue. The site aims to simultaneously streamline the buying process and expose merchandisers to a broader range of products than they might be able to track down on their own, while giving traction to designers who might otherwise go unnoticed.

Daily deals sites like Zulily, No More Rack, Living Social and Nordstrom’s HauteLook are some of Lookboard’s biggest buyers, which has also gained traction with more discovery-focused sites like Fab. The sellers are lesser-known designers spanning categories, such as home decor, women’s and men’s clothing, art, tech, jewelry and food.

Lookboard treats the buyer like a consumer, and the experience of searching for products by keyword and category is not unlike any other e-commerce site. When a buyer signs up, they take a photo-based quiz in order to determine their taste, which filters the products they are shown. They curate collections, and over time Lookboard’s taste algorithm further refines its suggestions based on the items they select.

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Last modified onWednesday, 14 August 2013 01:30