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Greystone Closes $59M in Financing

DALLAS Greystone has closed on $59.3 million in financing for a Texas multi-family portfolio. The financing was provided through the Fannie Mae DUS platform and originated by Robert Russell, head of Greystones CMBS group.

The success of this transaction demonstrates Greystones capabilities in closing the most beneficial financing for borrowers while being able to address and satisfy their ancillary financial needs as well, says Joe Mosley, executive vice president and head of agency production at Greystone, in a statement.

The multifamily portfolio includes five properties, in the Dallas and Austin markets, for a total of 1,442 units. The properties include Cypress Club and Windsprint Apartments in Arlington, TX; Arbors of Austin and Northgare Hills in Austin; and Hunters Cove in Grand Prairie, TX.

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